There are three prerequisites for a successful “maker”: materials, tools and skills. Materials and tools can be purchased but skills must be learned and practiced. Practice is the operative word. It is through repetition and experimentation that an artist develops an understanding of the material and then a personal voice.

I am a skilled maker and a highly developed designer. I pride myself in my ability to convey my knowledge to my students giving them the tools and confidence necessary to achieve a level of skill that allows them  to successfully complete any project they undertake.

l don’t have a “bag of tricks”...just experience. In the classroom I encourage my students to take risks, experiment and practice, practice, practice.

My goal is to share my skills so that my students can get the most rewarding experience possible and, at the same time, enjoy what they are doing. Enjoyment is a big part of life...and work. No tricks, no gimmicks...just a well grounded set of skills and an experienced guide is all that is needed to set students on the path to developing as artists and makers in their own right.

Workshops are 6 hours long and require a sewing machine.
Please contact me by email for detailed descriptions and fees.